• Church - Non Profit


    Company Overview


    A small church with a limited budget wanted to target new members that lived within a 25 mile radius as well as young people to join their Pillars youth program. They also wanted to reach prospective members and those who did not have a church home.

    Identifying The Challenge


    Social Media is the most effective method of outreach according to 46.1% of churches, but with limited resources and knowledge they didn't know how to create a social profile or a website to drive traffic for engagement of current members. They also didn't have a lot of time to invest in multiple social networks. Previous staff members and officers had also updated addresses in various locations resulting in confusion for search engines.

    Lastly they had an unofficial Facebook page that they weren't aware of since members would upload photos and tag the church.

    Developing The Plan


    Develop a digital blueprint that included our Google Your Business program, claim their unofficial Facebook page and building social profiles for top social networks. In addition we built a responsive website that could easily be updated keeping their investment lower. We wanted to build a sustainable program that didn't take away from their missionary funds but also serve as a terrific resource for spreading the message of the Church effectively.

    Reviewing The Results


    The new website worked perfectly with the social media platform highlighting events and holidays, attracting visitors and reaching youth and new members. With our Social Circle solution they were able to update their bulletins, events and outreach efforts from one platform and increase awareness of their church and traffic to the website. This gives them access to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linked In. All helped their organic growth in search traffic. They are now found online and have an official verified Facebook and Google page.