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Our process: First, we define the campaign and what success looks like. Second, we test the email/browser. Third, we send the email to your defined market. Fourth we measure the opens and or click activity. Last we give you a report to you on the email usage and bounce rate.
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•Our email database consists of information obtained through opt-in online surveys, e-subscriptions, e-registrations, and our extensive network of permission-based websites.

•Any data obtained is put through a hygiene process for verification, allowing us to validate the email addresses.

•Our team is diligent with maintaining and updating our unsubscribe lists. We have a quality assurance process in our emailing team that verifies that all broadcasts are can-spam compliant.

•Every record received also has the opt-in date, IP, and source for compliance purposes. Our teams follow the best data security practices to ensure all of our compliance steps are followed and there are no breaches.



We have more than 140 million consumer and business emails, time-stamped with URLs to verify the recipient's consent. Monthly our database is scrubbed and is one of the largest and most “hygienic” available. Our BOT-FREE Guarantee means that we will use proprietary techniques to seek out bot traffic and replace known bot clicks in real-time with real traffic.