Streaming TV Marketing

Shine Streaming TV Marketing

R e a c h u s e r s o n a l l o f t h e i r s c r e e n s a s t h e y v i e w l i v e o r o n - d e m a n d Programming t h r o u g h a n y c o n n e c t e d
d e v i c e .

Shine Streaming TV allows your commercial to be served across ALL DEVICES.

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Use our platform to get maximum extended reach compared to other CTV providers on the highest quality channels.


Reach cord cutters and cord-nevers right where they’re consuming content on the big screen.


Your commercial can be served across ALL DEVICES.

Why is it called Over the Top? Because you are going OVER your cable provider.


All Your TV-Buying Needs in a Single Platform

•Precise targeting

•Data-driven decision

•Ad experience control

•Cross-device extension

•Brand safe environment

•Premium inventory

•Impactful insights