• Recruitment


    Company Overview


    A national distribution company responsible for transporting 10,000’s of parcels per month.


    They experience significant employee turnover each month for positions at all levels from warehouse workers, drivers, and general laborers.

    Identifying The Challenge

    The distribution company needed a constant flow of applicants available for full-time, part-time, and seasonal workers.

    Developing The Plan

    By combining behavior, content, IP and retargeting the team was able to reach the client’s target / potential high net worth consumer at all stages of the decision making process.

    Reviewing The Results

    In 3 months the team accomplished the following:

    •Maintained a constant flow of available labor.

    •Shortened the hiring process.

    •Filled positions with qualified applicants.


    3 Month Campaign

    750K Impressions

    .12% CTR

    900+ site visits / interested applicants